Our sofa cleaning services are one of the best in Kathmandu, Bhaktapur, Lalitpur, and Pokhara. Our group of professional cleaners use modern systems and techniques to make sure that your sofa is thoroughly wiped clean and refreshed. We also provide an extensive variety of carpet cleansing services, inclusive of deep cleaning, stain elimination, and deodorizing. Our team is skilled in coping with all varieties of fabric and stains, ensuring that your carpets and fabric are left searching like new. Consider us to offer the most comprehensive and powerful cleaning services for your house or workplace.

Is it important to clean your sofa?

Yes, it’s crucial to clean your sofas. Normal cleaning can help to maintain the appearance and toughness of your furnishings, as well as enhance the overall cleanliness and hygiene of your private home or office. Dirty sofas can harbor dirt, dust, and allergens that could aggravate respiration conditions and make contributions to terrible indoor air quality. Cleaning your sofas can also help to eliminate stains, odors, and microorganisms, making them more exceptional to sit on and reducing the risk of contamination. Additionally, everyday cleansing can assist to increase the life of your sofas with the aid of stopping wear and tear because of dirt and grime buildup.


Expert cleaners from our sofa cleaning services in Kathmandu use a variety of system and chemical compounds to make certain that your sofas are very well wiped clean and refreshed. Some of the equipment and chemical substances that may be used encompass:

  • Hot water extraction machines: these machines use hot water and a cleaning technique to deep easy and extract dust and dust from the fibers of your sofas.
  • Dry cleaning machines: these machines use a dry cleaning powder that is implemented to the sofa and then eliminated with a vacuum cleaner.
  • Steam cleaners: Steam cleaners use excessive-stress steam to put off dirt, dirt, and stains out of your sofas.
  • PH-impartial cleansing answers: those cleaning solutions are specifically formulated to be secure to be used on upholstery and are designed to eliminate dirt and stains without detrimental the cloth.
  • Stain removers: Our expert cleaners use specialized stain removers to effectively cast off a huge variety of stains, including those caused by food, beverages, and pets.
  • Deodorizers: Our expert cleaners use deodorizing products to get rid of any unsightly odors that may be present in your sofas.

All of the system and chemicals used by our expert cleaners are safe, powerful, and non-toxic, making sure that your sofas aren’t simplest cleaned however additionally included.


There are various reasons to hire specialists to clean your sofas, including:

  • Professional-grade system and chemical substances: professional cleaners from our sofa cleaning services in Kathmandu use specialized gadget and chemical compounds which might be designed to efficiently dispose of dust, stains, and odors out of your sofas. This ensures that your sofas are very well wiped clean and refreshed.
  • Experience and knowledge: professional cleaners from our professional sofa cleaning services in Kathmandu have the enjoy and information to deal with all forms of fabric and stains, making sure that your sofas are cleaned adequately and correctly.
  • Time-saving: cleansing your sofas can be a time-consuming assignment. Hiring specialists to do it for you can prevent time and energy.
  • Cost-effective: Hiring experts from sofa cleansing offerings to make your sofas may be more cost-powerful than buying highly-priced cleansing systems or products and doing it yourself.
  • Higher consequences: expert cleaners from sofa cleaning services have the knowledge and expertise to clean your sofas within the only and efficient manner, which ends up in better cleansing than doing it via yourself.
  • Safety of your furniture: Our professional cleaners use equipment that are particularly formulated to defend your furniture from damage, and additionally go away looking and smelling fresh.
  • Health concerns: specialists can help to eliminate allergens and bacteria from your sofas, which may enhance the general cleanliness and hygiene of your home or workplace.

Standard, hiring experts from couch cleansing services to clean your sofas can offer you with higher consequences, save you time, and make sure that your sofas are cleaned thoroughly and correctly.


There are several reasons why you have to select our sofa cleansing services, consisting of:

  • Professionalism: Our crew of expert cleaners is pretty skilled and skilled in coping with all sorts of fabrics and stains, ensuring that your sofas are cleaned correctly and efficiently.
  • Quality: We use state-of-the-art systems and strategies to ensure that your sofas are very well cleaned and refreshed.
  • Convenience: We offer bendy scheduling alternatives to suit your busy life-style, and our services are to be had in Kathmandu, Bhaktapur, Lalitpur, and Pokhara.
  • cost-effective: We provide aggressive charges for our services, so you can experience easy and refreshed sofas without breaking the bank.
  • Guaranteed satisfaction: We stand behind the satisfaction of our paintings and guarantee that you will be happy with the effects.
  • Protection: A group of our couch cleaning offerings makes use of green cleaning products, making sure that your furniture is not most effectively cleaned however also included from any damage.
  • Complete services: Our services include deep cleaning, stain removal, and deodorizing, making sure that your sofas are left looking and smelling clean.
  • Customizable provider: we will tailor our offerings in your particular desires, ensuring that your sofas are cleaned to your satisfaction.

Select our couch cleansing services, and you could enjoy a smooth, refreshed, and healthy dwelling space.


Our professionals observe a step-by means of-step manner to make certain that your sofas are wiped clean appropriately and correctly:

Inspection: specialists from our sofa cleansing services will look at your sofas to pick out any stains, odors, or areas of situation.

Vacuuming: experts from our sofa cleansing offerings will use a powerful vacuum cleaner to dispose of any loose dirt, dust, or debris from your sofas.

Pre-remedy: Our specialists will follow a pre-treatment way to any stains or closely soiled areas to help loosen and take away dirt and dust.

Cleansing: Our experts will use a hot water extraction equipment or steam cleanser to deeply ease and extract dust and dirt from the fibers of your sofas.

Rinsing: Our professionals will use a neutralizing option to put off any remaining dust, dust, or cleansing solution from the cloth of your sofas.

Drying: Our experts will use air movers to hurry up the drying system and leave your sofas dry and refreshed.

Deodorizing: Our professionals will use deodorizing products to cast off any unpleasant odors that may be present in your sofas.

Very last Inspection: Our specialists will conduct a final inspection to make certain that your sofas are cleaned to your pride.

Specialists from our couch cleaning services take extraordinary care in dealing with your fixtures and use eco-friendly products to make sure that your sofas are not handiest cleaned however additionally included from any damage.


How regularly do I have to have my sofa wiped clean?

It’s far endorsed to have your sofa wiped clean every 12-18 months, or as wished primarily based on utilization and spills.

What forms of cleaning methods do you operate for sofas?

We use an aggregate of steam cleansing, dry cleaning, and notice cleansing techniques to ensure a radical smooth.

Can you get rid of stains from my couch?

Sure, we’ve enjoyed getting rid of a spread of stains, which includes meals, drink, and puppy stains.

Do you operate any chemical substances or detergents at some stage in the cleansing method?

 Sure, we use green and safe cleaning answers to make certain a deep smooth without leaving any dangerous residue.

Can you ease my sofa if it has a particular fabric or cloth?

Yes, we are trained in cleansing a selection of fabrics and substances, along with leather, microfiber, and suede.

 How long does the cleaning system take?

The cleansing procedure generally takes approximately 2-four hours, depending on the scale and condition of the sofa.

Do you provide any warranties or guarantees in your cleansing services?

Yes, we offer a delightful assurance for our cleaning services. If you are not happy with the effects, we can re-smooth the couch at no additional cost.

Do you offer any extra services, inclusive of upholstery safety or deodorizing?

Yes, we offer extra services which include upholstery protection, deodorizing, and material safety. Those services may be introduced on your cleaning bundle for an additional cost.

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