Our bird spikes services are the best in Kathmandu, Bhaktapur, Lalitpur, and Pokhara. We use handiest of the best nice substances and our team of experts are incredibly skilled inside the set up of bird spikes to ensure that they’re effective in deterring birds from nesting in your private home. Our spikes are designed to be humane, causing no damage to the birds, at the same time as correctly maintaining them away from your house. We recognize the importance of retaining a smooth and secure surroundings for each of you and the birds and we attempt to provide the first-rate carrier feasible. Whether or not you need chicken spikes on your commercial or residential assets, we have the solution for you. Touch us these days to timetable your chicken spike set up and experience chook-loose belongings.


Bird spikes are a humane and effective manner to deter birds from roosting or nesting in your private home. They are usually used in a variety of settings, which include:

Industrial buildings: bird spikes are regularly used on the ledges of commercial homes to prevent birds from nesting and leaving droppings at the constructing’s facade.

Business sites: Spikes are also used to save birds from nesting on industrial systems, inclusive of air conditioning gadgets, that could cause harm and create protection dangers.

Residential properties: homeowners might also use bird spikes to preserve birds from nesting on their roof or chimney, which could cause damage and create unsightly odors.

Agriculture: bird spikes are also used in agriculture to deter birds from feeding on vegetation, which could cause tremendous losses for farmers.

Public areas: Spikes also are utilized in public areas which include parks, plazas, and other public spaces to maintain birds from roosting and developing unsanitary situations.

Airports: bird spikes are used inside the airport to prevent birds from nesting or roosting close to runways, which could pose a protection danger to planes.

Typically, bird spikes from bird spikes services are a value-powerful and humane technique to deter birds from nesting or roosting in your own home. They’re clean to install and keep and might provide long-time period protection in opposition to birds.


Bird spikes are a vital tool for preventing birds from nesting or roosting in your own home. Right here are a few key reasons why they’re essential:

Prevent damage: Birds can cause sizable damage to buildings and different systems through their nesting and roosting sports. Spikes can save birds from nesting on ledges, roofs, and other regions, which could assist defend your property from harm.

Improve protection: Birds can create protection hazards by using nesting or roosting close to runways, on commercial gadget, and in other regions. Spikes can deter birds from those areas and assist to enhance protection for humans and birds.

Prevent sanitation troubles: Birds can create unsanitary conditions through their droppings, which can be a fitness risk for humans. Spikes can save birds from nesting or roosting in public regions, which may help to improve public health and sanitation.

Price-powerful solution: chook spikes are a fee-effective solution for deterring birds compared to other bird manipulation techniques which includes chook netting, chicken repellents, or chicken limitations.

Humane: the use of chicken spikes is a humane method of bird manipulation that doesn’t damage birds but prevents them from nesting and roosting in unique regions.

Lengthy-term safety: bird spikes can offer lengthy-time period safety in opposition to birds, that may save you time and money ultimately. They’re easy to install and hold, and can be effective for years to come.

Normally, bird spikes are an essential device for shielding your house and improving safety and sanitation. They are a humane, cost-powerful, and long-term solution for deterring birds.


Here are several reasons why it’s miles important to rent specialists to put in bird spikes:

Right set up: professionals from bird spikes services in Kathmandu have the information and enjoy properly installing bird spikes in the handiest locations. They recognize the conduct of birds and can decide the exceptional places to put in spikes to deter them from nesting or roosting on your home.

Safety: experts from bird spikes services in Nepal are skilled inside the proper safety measures and strategies required for installing hen spikes. They’ll make certain the installation system is finished appropriately and without inflicting damage to themselves or others.

First-class materials: specialists from bird spikes offerings use simplest the highest first-rate materials for bird spikes, making sure that they’ll be effective in deterring birds and will remain for a long time.

Custom designed solutions: professionals can provide customized solutions on your specific wishes, whether or not you want bird spikes for a business constructing, industrial site, or residential assets.

Time-saving: Hiring professionals to put in bird spikes from bird spikes services in Kathmandu can prevent time and strength, as they are able to take care of the installation system quickly and effectively.

Assured pleasure: specialists will make certain that you are satisfied with the installation of chook spikes and will deal with any problems that can stand up after the installation.

Usually, hiring professionals to put in bird spikes from professional bird spikes services in Kathmandu is critical for making sure of the right installation, protection, using incredible substances, customized answers, and assured pleasure. They can prevent time and ensure that the process is carried out right the first time.


Our professional bird spikes services crew follows a specific method while putting in bird spikes on your own home:

Determine the assets: Our crew will conduct a thorough evaluation of your property to determine the nice locations for hen spikes. They will consider factors including the behavior of the birds, the kind of constructing or structure, and the encompassing surroundings.

Put together the area: The team will put together the vicinity where the spikes may be mounted by cleansing and eliminating any particles or boundaries.

Degree and mark: The group will degree and mark the regions in which the chicken spikes could be established to ensure that they may be placed in the most effective locations.

Deploy the spikes: crew from our bird spikes offerings will set up the hen spikes using specialized equipment and gadget. The spikes might be securely attached to the floor by the usage of adhesive or screws.

Inspect and take a look at: After the installation, the group will look at and test the spikes to make certain that they may be well established and operating efficiently.

Smooth up: The group will smooth up the region after the set up, leaving your private home easy and tidy.

Protection: team from our bird spikes offerings will provide regular renovation and check-united states of the spikes to ensure they may be operating successfully and in desirable circumstances.

Standard, our professional bird spikes services team follows a radical and green process to ensure that chook spikes are hooked up nicely and efficiently on your home. Additionally, our crew is equipped with the right gear, know-how, and experience to make sure that the spikes are established competently, securely and correctly.


  1. What are bird spikes and how do they paint?

Bird spikes are a humane and powerful way to discourage birds from landing and roosting on ledges, eaves, and other surfaces. They are manufactured from plastic or chrome steel and have sharp, upward-going through spikes that make it hard for birds to land. Birds will in the end learn how to avoid the region and locate different locations to roost.

  1. Can bird spikes be used on any surface?

Bird spikes can be used on a ramification of surfaces, which include ledges, eaves, rooflines, window sills, and even on statues or sculptures. They’re normally smooth to install and may be connected with glue, screws, or different types of fasteners.

  1. Are hen spikes dangerous to birds?

No, bird spikes aren’t harmful to birds. They certainly make it hard for birds to land and roost on a specific floor. Birds will subsequently learn how to avoid the place and discover different locations to roost.

  1. How lengthy do bird spikes close?

Bird spikes can last for numerous years, relying on the form of cloth and the conditions in which they may be mounted. Stainless steel bird spikes are the maximum long lasting and can last for numerous years. Plastic bird spikes may additionally want to get replaced sooner, relying on the situations.

  1. Can bird spikes be removed once they are installed?

Sure, bird spikes may be eliminated once they are mounted. However, they may depart some residue or harm to the surface on which they had been set up. It’s miles quality to discuss with a professional before attempting to take away bird spikes.

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